The Roots of Rooted

Hey, y’all! I’m Amanda Adams and I am the founder and owner of Rooted Therapy and Wellness. My office is currently located in Beaumont, TX. I have been an occupational therapist in Southeast Texas for the past 11 years. In my experience as an OT, I have tried to stay well rounded in my skills and knowledge by working with pediatrics and adults in various settings. I love cooking, reading, camping, hiking, doggos, soaking in the tub, and swimming. I am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of tacos and brisket. So, that’s me in a nutshell! 🙂

I created Rooted Therapy and Wellness as a holistic health and wellness practice to help individuals thrive and grow in their everyday environments. My mission is to educate, empower, encourage, and equip individuals using a holistic, multisensory approach to create optimal living in all areas of life. I want to lead and support individuals in engaging the innate healing process by using God’s creation as a modality for healing, including spending time in nature, foods, plants, and the body itself.

About 11 years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which led me down the path of holistic health and wellness. As a pediatric OT, I did tons of sensory integration with the kids I was working with, but never put a lot of thought into my own nervous system. Then, one morning as I was doing my morning routine, I had a light bulb moment and realized I was basically doing sensory integration on myself. This led to me digging into different theories and practices like polyvagal theory, somatic experiencing, and so on. As I learned more about how regulating the nervous system is essential for healing, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. This shift has been absolutely pivotal in my own healing journey.

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of fight-or-flight. There are a few more lesser-known components to the stress response, but I will explain those in detail in the future. Fight-or-flight is part of the sympathetic nervous system, which God created to keep us safe and alive. It is great when someone is physically attacking you because you need to be able to defend yourself or run away, but unfortunately your brain can’t distinguish between a legit threat and a perceived threat (ex: the daily stressors you experience every day). When your body is stressed, it releases chemicals to help its many systems function more efficiently, but this is meant to be a short-term solution.  It’s when we stay in a constant state of fight-or-flight that we start to experience dysfunction, illness, and disease.

Between the hustle mentality that our culture glorifies, being overstimulated from constant input from the news, social media, and our environments, and the trauma that we’ve all experienced to some degree, most of us have dysregulated nervous systems, which means that we don’t fully function the way we are supposed to. Our bodies were created to be able to handle issues when we are stressed or experience trauma and then come back to a state of rest-and-digest. This is where the body is in more of a state of homeostasis or equilibrium and where healing and restoration can take place. But your body can’t do that when it’s stuck in survival mode.

So, at Rooted I use a variety of modalities like movement, stretching, breathwork, meditation, massage, cupping, and so on, to help individuals relax and enter this state of rest-and-digest, so that the body can engage in its innate ability to heal. These activities are great for helping with stress management and expanding your window of tolerance, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, improving focus and attention, increasing energy levels and motivation, and so much more.

So, if any of this resonates with you and you would like to learn more, we can set up a free 15-minute consultation call, so that I can answer any questions you may have and make sure we are a good fit. Feel free to give me a call at 409-790-0014 or click one of the buttons over on the main page. You can also check out Rooted on Facebook or Instagram.

Be blessed, friend!

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